Back to Basics - What is a Smart Lock?

Back to Basics - What is a Smart Lock?

July 31, 2020

Okay, so we may have gotten ahead of ourselves.

We’ve offered you tips on how to implement hygienic contactless front door security in the face of new pandemic norms. We’ve let you in on a look at the stats relating to front door burglary and how smart locks can help. We’ve even provided a smart lock buyer’s guide for those interested in finding the right home security solution for their front doors and more!

In doing all this, we may have skipped one simple, yet crucial, question:

What is a smart lock?

We’ve offered you the car with no key. How are you supposed to drive?

We’ve offered you the wand with no Hogwarts. It’s just a wooden stick... 

We’ve given you the bagel with no cream cheese. Is it even worth eating?

All exaggeration aside, let’s get back to basics and take the time to figure out, what puts the smart in smart lock.


Part 1: Deadbolt Locks – The Key to Your Peace of Mind


First, let’s stop and THINK about front door locks. Of all the technology you use on a daily basis, your front door lock ranks among the most frequently used and the least considered.

Think about it.

When was the last time you stopped and thought about the function of turning a key or deadbolt lock when entering or exiting your home? Probably never.

Along with that, your front door lock is the most crucial piece of your home security. The simple fact that you can turn a key or a deadbolt knob and lock your home brings a peace of mind and a sense of security that no other device can achieve. The fanciest home alarm system only alerts you to the presence of an intruder. It can’t physically keep them out!

Consider this. How would you feel if the lock on your front door suddenly disappeared? (Looks like someone learned how to use that magic wand after all…) Would you be able to comfortably sleep at night knowing there wasn’t a deadbolt lock securing your front door? No? Same here.

Humans have been using some form of lock for their doors for thousands of years. Deadbolt locks for at least a couple hundred years.

So there you have it. A basis of why we are even discussing smart locks.

We want to upgrade an essential piece of your home security by taking advantage of modern technology and mobile conveniences while keeping the process simple and user-friendly.

Now it’s time to answer the question that brought us here. What is a smart lock?


Part 2: Smart Lock – The Hugolog Way


So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Here’s the Hugolog definition: 

A smart lock is a device that replaces and upgrades your traditional front door lock. It is a battery-powered, easy-to-install, motorized deadbolt that either employs a digital keypad or touchpad on the exterior of the door.

Depending on the model, you may have the ability to unlock or lock your door with a smart mobile device, or you may just have the ability to unlock with the keypad.

A smart lock elevates home security standards by minimizing dependency on keys (though keys can be used as a backup on some models), provides more secure means of entry with personalized pin codes, and grants full control to the owner with highly encrypted data transmission via our free mobile app.

Smart locks ensure that you lock your home with a higher level of security, while providing a guarantee that your front door is locked when you need it to be.

For the full step into our smart lock territory, check out the HU03 Smart Lock to learn about all its awesome features and convenient upgrades.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, but with the upgraded security of a pin pad and motorized deadbolt, check out our HU01 Digital Deabolt Lock.

If you have any questions regarding home security or smart lock solutions feel free to reach out on Facebook! Our smart home product experts are on hand to help answer any questions and provide you recommendations based on your home!

We'll be back soon! Check back for more blog updates for tips on smart home solutions!

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