HU04 Smart Deadbolt


  • Upgrade Existing Deadbolt in Minutes
  • Remote Lock / Unlock via Mobile APP
  • Emergency Power Port for Drained Battery
  • Unlock Doors for Friends and Family
  • Pin Code Management in Mobile APP
  • Motorized Deadbolt
  • Up to 1 Year Battery Life

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Multiple Unlock Methods

Experience a multitude of convenience with multiple unlock methods. Use a keypad passcode or key for easy physical access. For remote access, use Bluetooth or the mobile app – the choice is yours.

Easy Installation + Durable Aluminum Build

Replace your existing deadbolt in mere minutes on standard doors from 1-38” to 1.97” thick with just a simple screwdriver. This motorized deadbolt lock is crafted from durable aluminum and offers a high-end texture and aesthetic appeal.

Remote Unlock with Free Mobile App

Unlock your door remotely with our free mobile app. No matter where you are, unlock the door with the simple touch of your mobile device to let in family, friends, or other guests.

1-Year Battery Life + Minimal Upkeep

Low energy consumption and maximum performance is key for this digital lock. Experience 1-year battery life for minimal upkeep and extended security.

Auto Lock + Easy Manual Locking

Enable the Auto Lock feature to ensure that your motorized deadbolt lock secures your door even when you don’t. Or, use the long-pressing feature to easily and quickly lock your door manually.

20 Customizable Codes + Fake Pin

The Digital Touchpad elevates security standards and stores up to 20 customizable access codes. The Fake Pin feature allows you to add a random code before or after your real pin, in order to prevent others from seeing your unique code.

Integration with Security Cameras for All-in-One App Control

Use our free mobile app to control your security camera and smart lock in the same interface. Forget switching apps to lock your doors and view your cameras. *(Select LaView Security camera Required.)