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Over 2 Million Burglaries in the US Every Year – Learn How Hugolog Smart Lock Solutions Can Help

May 11, 2020

Companies are telling you, left and right, that their products are essential, “now more than ever.” What does that mean? How is it relevant to your life? And what is behind a statement of that nature? Amid a global pandemic, with people across the globe facing new norms, we should be asking these very questions.

Let’s Talk About Home Security.

Would you believe us if we told you that over 4,500 home burglaries occur daily in the United States? Seems like a lot, but unfortunately this is our reality. Meaning that well over 2 million homeowners will experience this type of traumatic event, which leads to property damage, financial loss, and potential harm to their families. 

As homeowners, what do we do with this type of information? How do we digest it and act in a way that is most responsible for our loved ones and property? With millions of Americans sheltering in place, the stakes get higher. Unemployment across the country has spiked to rates that we haven’t seen in almost a century. With a scarcity of opportunities and resources comes the danger of desperation. An increase in crime is bound to follow. So, what do we do?

Smart Lock Solutions for Home Security.

Consider this: 34% of burglars are reported to have gained access to the home by walking up to the front door, turning the knob, and walking right in! That’s right – it’s as simple as an unlocked door in many cases. When considering the value of a smart lock, an upgrade to your home’s deadbolt apparatus, you may wonder what’s the point of changing something that’s worked for hundreds and hundreds of years. 

The answer: total control, no matter where you are.

Whether you choose from our Digital Lock Line or our Smart Lock Line, you’ll experience our convenient and reliable autolock feature. We just told you that more than a third of burglars gain access right through the unlocked front door. Even if you make a habit of locking the door behind you and have an excellent memory, nobody is perfect. Life happens, the kids need attention, groceries need to be carried in, and sometimes your hands are full. How easy is it to kick the door closed and forget to turn your deadbolt? It may seem like a small feature, but enabling autolock on one of our smart lock solutions minimizes your vulnerability and provides peace of mind. Even if you forget to lock the door, we won’t!

Smart Lock Remote Access – Anywhere, Anytime.

Another big upgrade when you choose from our Smart Lock Line, is the ability to lock or unlock your door from anywhere. With our mobile app, you can grant access to friends or family members even if you’re away at the office. This is yet another layer of convenience that adds to big-picture peace of mind.

Ask yourself this: is your front door locked? If yes, can you really be sure? Did the kids go out to play and forget to lock it on their way back in? Did someone take out the trash and leave it unlocked? Without autolock from our solutions, or remote lock/unlock features on our smart locks, you may not be able to answer these questions with 100% certainty.

So, we won’t say “now, more than ever…” We’ll stick to now, and always, smart lock solutions are essential. Let’s keep the conversation of home security going and undermine burglary statistics to promote safer neighborhoods everywhere!

Stay tuned for more content covering the ins and outs of our smart lock solutions as well as some helpful hints for smart home optimization with our upcoming articles!

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