About Hugolog


We created Hugolog because we wanted to provide everyone a safer, more convenient, and more trustworthy means of locking their front door.

But our vision goes beyond just a front door lock. We want to provide everyone the opportunity to upgrade their home security with a smart lock experience that is smart, secure, and scalable with other key home security devices.

Smart – Consider your front door lock for a second. You never think twice about it, yet you use it every day. We don’t want to change that. So, we’ve made the process, from installation to everyday use, as seamless and intuitive as possible. Turn your deadbolt lever, punch in your personalized pin code, or lock/unlock with a single tap on your smart phone. You’ll never have to think twice; our smart lock will do the thinking for you!

Secure – When you leave your home or go to bed at night, you want to know that the lock on your front door is going to work every time. That’s why we’ve kept the inner functionality of your deadbolt the same while adding durable aluminum alloy housing, timed auto-locking features for when you forget to lock, and status indicators, so you know for sure that your door is locked no matter if you’re home or away.

Scalable – Our smart locks are an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to elevating your home security. We want to make that puzzle piece fit as easily as possible with Bluetooth and Z-Wave compatibility as well as Alexa and Google Home integration. Plus, our exclusive collaboration with LaView Security provides visual security along with smart lock convenience in a single app. You choose the devices that work best for your home. It’s your world. We’re just helping secure it!


The Hugolog team finds motivation and inspiration in a single, yet all-important goal: creating safer communities for everyone. Think of us as your partners in creating the safe space that is perfect for you and your loved ones. Welcome home to the smart lock life. We’re happy to have you!

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