Frequently Asked Questions

Mechanic Functions 

Does the Lock work with my existing deadbolt?

HU01, HU03 and HU04 is compatible with most U.S standard deadbolt. HU02 works with most U.S. standard latchbolt

How long does it take to install the lock?

Installing the lock is easy. Follow our youtube instruction for complete set up process. Most of our customers install the locks within 20 minutes.

Mobile Apps

Can I Control the lock reomtely from my mobile app?

HU03 and HU04 supports Bluetooth function and supports mobile app access. Download and install the Hugolog App from the App store and start controlling your lock by your fingers.


Do I Need to purchase the Bluetooth hub to control the lock by mobile app?

If you want to control the lock remotely when you are travelling, at work or simply going to grocery store, you need to set up the lock to the Bluetooth hub to get the lock on to the internet. If you just want to use point-to-point Bluetooth via your mobile phone, then the hub is not mandatory. 

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