How it Works

Smart Home Access

With Hugolog, you are always in control of your doors, no matter where you are, right from your phone. Our products help you keep the bad guys out and let your friends and family in.

The Hugolog App

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Remote Unlock

Use your mobile phone to unlock the door for your friends and family when you are away from home.


Setup PINs for the Whole Family

Assign access pins to up to 20 different users. Enough access pins for one big family.


Guest Access

Setup temporary access pins for nanny, cleaners or delivery person. PINs automatically expire after pre-conigured time period.


Keep Track of Lock Activity

Review the history of who opens your door and when in the visitor/activity log

How Can Smart Lock Help

Lock and Unlock by Phone

No need to give the dog-walker or nanny keys to your home anymore. You can lock and unlock your door on your phone any time, anywhere.

Anti-peek Pin

Don't worry about stalkers find out your access code, or signs show on frequentely pressed keys. Our smart lock allows you to input any random numbers and will still let you in as long as the correct PIN is included in the input numbers.


Auto-lock in a Moment

Say bye bye to "shoot-did-I-lock-my-door" or "I-hope-my-kid-remembers-to-lock-the-door" type of anxiety. Simply setup auto-lock in the app, and our smart lock will lock the door in 10 to 30 seconds after some one exits your home.


Multiple Access Options

If your phone dies, you can unlock the door by punching in the PINs. For the forgetful type, you can still get in your home with a physical key.


Easy Installation



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