How to Choose Your Smart Lock - 2020 Buyer's Guide

How to Choose Your Smart Lock - 2020 Buyer's Guide

June 25, 2020

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with information about what smart home devices you need. You likely get ads from Facebook to Insta’ and beyond saying that you need this smart lock, that thermostat, or this WiFi toaster (1,000 Mbps toast ftw).

But really, companies are just telling and selling rather than asking and listening. Here at Hugolog, we don’t believe there’s just 1 front door lock solution for everyone. In fact, our in-house research and development operates on the exact opposite premise.


We understand 1 simple and crucial factor: everyone’s needs are different.


From home type, to door type, to comfort with technology, the variables go on and on. That’s why we’re always looking ahead, considering our customers’ needs and developing thoughtful solutions.

So, check out this smart lock buyer’s guide. We’ll ask some questions for you to consider and we’ll provide our recommendations based on your answers. Need more from the conversation? Reach out on our Facebook! We have our product experts on hand to listen and provide you their expertise based on your feedback.


Let's Get Digital - HU01 Digital Deadbolt Lock

Digital Deadbolt Lock Home Security 

Do you have a deadbolt lock on your front door?

Do you prefer not to use your smartphone applications for too many everyday things?

Do you want to upgrade your security while sticking close to the familiar?

Do you like the comfort of a physical key?


If you answered “yes” to at least half of those questions, you’ll want to consider the HU01 Digital Deadbolt Lock.

You see, not all of our “smart locks” are so smart. In fact, this digital deadbolt lock is a simple upgrade to your current deadbolt.

It installs to your front door in just a few minutes with nothing more than a screwdriver. That’s right, it doesn’t require you to drill any holes when replacing your existing lock.

Why choose a digital door lock over your basic deadbolt? Check out the short answer: 

  • Up to 20 unique and secure PIN codes.
  • Enter random numbers before or after your PIN to disguise your actual code while still unlocking your door!
  • Old-school keyhole as a back-up means of entry and locking.
  • Auto-lock after 30 seconds in case your hands are full or you forget to lock it manually.

Need the whole answer? Visit our HU01 Digital Deadbolt Lock page or reach out on Facebook to live chat with us!


Take It Up a Notch - HU02 Digital Latchbolt

 HU02 Digital Latchbolt Home Security

Looking for a total entry solution for your front door?

Prefer using your smart device less and your hands more (aka you’re a DIY-er)?

Need a higher standard for front door security for you and your family?

Looking to replace your doorknob or door handle?


This time, if you’ve answered “yes” to at least half of those questions, you’ll want to check out our HU02 Digital Latchbolt.

For this one, we’re operating in the same realm as the as the HU01 with a little twist (pun fully intended).

The HU02 combines all the best secure, motorized deadbolt features with a door handle to provide you A-Z easy entry and amplified security standards.


A Smarter Way to Secure - HU03 Smart Lock

HU03 Smart Lock Home Security 

Are you open to smart home devices?

Are you an avid user of new tech and new mobile applications?

Looking for an interoperable upgrade to your front door security?

Need something tech-forward with a little bit of old-school door lock still inside?


You know the drill by now. If you answered "yes" to most of those questions, we’re pointing you toward the HU03 Smart Lock.

The HU03 allows you to open your front door at the tap of your smart device with the free mobile app. Whether you’re close by, connected via Bluetooth, or you’re at a distance connected with our Bluetooth Gateway, you’ll have remote access to lock and unlock your door!

Here’s the shortcut to the best of the HU03 Smart Lock:

  • Low battery consumption for long-lasting, low-upkeep performance.
  • Use up to 20 secure pin codes with the sleek touchscreen panel.
  • Lock with a single tap on your phone or on the touchscreen.
  • Old-school lock and key as a backup!

Need to check out more of the top-tier features? Head on over to our HU03 Smart Lock page to get the full breakdown.


Sleeker, Smarter - HU04 Smart Lock

HU04 Smart Lock Home Security 

Already have a smart home setup? 

Looking to add on a front door security solution to the smart home family?

Need something sleek and tech-forward?

Don’t need the backup comfort of a traditional lock and key?


If found yourself responding positively to these questions, you better take a closer look at the HU04 Smart Lock.

This one takes all the best smart features of the HU03 and takes away the lock and key. That’s right, we’re fully diving into the smart home pool here. Sleeker housing and full control with the app and touchscreen keypad.

That wraps up our quick notes for how to choose your smart lock! For more info, visit our product page or reach out on Facebook to live-chat with our product pros!

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