Beyond the FAQ - Expanded Tips for Smart Lock Buyers

Beyond the FAQ - Expanded Tips for Smart Lock Buyers

August 24, 2020

Sometimes our FAQ section just isn’t enough. We do our best to bring you the most frequently asked questions from our customers that can help in smart lock troubleshooting, general product information, or even the decision process for new customers. We keep our answers short, sweet, and to the point for your convenience.

Every once in a while, we reassess some questions that come up frequently enough to be discussed outside the FAQ section. Some smart lock questions and answers need a little bit of expansion.

Today, we’re expanding on these frequently asked questions:

  • Can I have more than 1 smart lock device in the same app?
  • Do I need to hire an installer or locksmith for my smart lock?
  • Does the orientation of my smart lock thumb plate matter during installation?

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Can I Have More Than 1 Smart Lock in the Same App?

Yes! We completely understand that there are tons of reasons for people to want more than 1 smart lock. And we’re happy to provide that ability to anyone who needs it. We focus mostly on the front door of your home because that’s where people generally implement our smart locks. And for good reason. (Find out why)

But there are plenty of reasons to get yourself more than 1 Hugolog smart lock. Back doors are excellent candidates for smart lock coverage. Side gates and sheds with appropriate doors can also use our locks. Same goes for garages, back houses, pool houses or any other additional structures you have on your property.

In fact, there is no limit to the number of smart locks you can have in 1 app. This opens the door (yup, pun totally intended) for people who own rental properties like apartments, condos, or vacation homes to install our smart locks and manage them all in the same app.

Multiple devices in 1 app go beyond just smart locks. Our collaboration with LaView security allows you to pair video doorbells and other WiFi security cameras with our locks all in the same app. Check out our exclusive smart lock + video doorbell bundles available now at special promotional prices!


Do I Need to Hire an Installer or Locksmith for My Smart Lock?

No! In a general sense, you do not need to hire an installer for your Hugolog smart lock. We designed our smart locks to simply replace your existing deadbolt lock with the use of nothing but a screwdriver.

Of course, there are some extenuating circumstances in which a person may want to either seek assistance with their installation, or hire help.

If your door does not have a pre-existing hole for a deadbolt lock, you may have to drill into your door or cut a hole to install our lock. Without the proper tools or experience cutting into wood, you may want to seek help. Our installation guide that comes with our smart locks has all the dimensions and details needed to do this.

Our smart locks are here for everyone to secure their homes. Those who have conditions that may not allow them to install the lock themselves are encouraged to seek assistance (paid or otherwise) with their installation. Our support line is always open to assist as well!


Does the Orientation of the Thumb Plate Matter During Installation?

Yes! This is such a crucial point that we’ve found a significant portion of our customers missing. Our set up guide does detail this, but somehow we are still getting plenty of calls and emails about this.

During installation, the thumb plate on the interior door lock component must be oriented vertically.

It seems that some users have missed this detail in the set up guide and when trying to install with the thumb plate in a horizontal position have experienced the lock not working right off the bat. This is not a defect of manufacturing flaw!

A simple reset of the smart lock (refer to the user manual for resetting) will allow the lock to learn the correct orientation.

Check back as we release further installments of beyond the FAQ. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Your feedback makes this possible!

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