Front door security for everyone.

Hugolog provides front door security for everyone. Whether you’re techy, old school, or somewhere in between, we have door lock solutions that will upgrade your home security and keep your loved ones safe.

Check out how our door lock solutions give you total control and enhance your peace of mind.

Two Product Lines, One Outcome: Upgraded Home Security

Our front door security solutions are split into two categories: The Smart Lock Line and The Keyless Entry Line.

Our Smart Lock Line uses our free mobile app to allow remote access and easy management of all the features and customizable settings.

The Keyless Entry Line is simpler, with less smart integration, but all the convenience of motorized locking components and digital pin pads

Smart Lock + Hugolog App

Remote Unlock

You can lock or unlock your smart lock with a single tap on your mobile device, allowing you to grant access to friends, family, and welcome visitors even when you’re away from home.
*Bluetooth Gateway required for full remote lock/unlock.


Keep Track of Smart Lock Activity

Within the app, you can view the history of exactly who used the smart lock to enter and exit your home. This is perfect for parents with multiple children on the go and any household where keeping track can provide peace of mind.


Guest Access

Set up temporary access pins for trusted service people like the nanny, cleaners, or a delivery person. These temporary PINS automatically expire after a pre-configured time period, giving smart lock access for just as long as you determine for your guests.


Set Up Pins for the Whole Family

The app allows you to easily create up to 20 secure user PIN codes for anyone that you trust with access to your home. No more cutting keys and keeping track of them. The primary smart lock owner can create and delete PIN codes with ease.


Use Multiple Locks in the Same App

Whether you have multiple entrances equipped with our smart locks, or remote storage and rental properties, you can use the same app to manage and control every Hugolog smart lock that you own.

Here’s How the Smart Lock Helps Everyday Life

Lock and Unlock Remotely

Locking and unlocking via our free mobile app gives you full control of your door no matter where you are in your day. Make sure to pair the smart lock with our Bluetooth Gateway accessory for full remote access.

Keyless Entry: Simple and Secure

Digital Deadbolt & Latchbolt Locks

Our Keyless Entry solutions are comprised of our digital deadbolt and latchbolt locks. They’re controlled simply with their digital, pushbutton keypads. If you prefer not connecting to WiFi and eliminating the need for app integration, this is the simple, solid, and secure line for you.

HU01 HU02 JU01  HU03 HU04
Category Keyless Entry Keyless Entry Keyless Entry Smart Lock Smart Lock
Key Access/ Key-hole Yes Yes No Yes No
Passcode Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Handle No Yes(Latchbolt) No No No
Bluetooth Get-away included (For Remote Access) No No No Yes Yes
App Control No No No Yes Yes
Z-Wave Compatible
(Module Required)
No No No Yes Yes
20 User Pin Code Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manual Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Status Indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto lock Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fake Pin Code Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recommended For Entry door, Garage door, storage, backyard gate... etc. People who need a lock with door knob or handle Entry door, Garage door, storage, backyard gate... etc. Garage door, storage, backyard gate... etc. The most affordable option. Front door, back door or any door you'd like to control with your phone. Key included in the package. Front door, back door or any door you'd like to control with your phone. Complete Keyless.


Real security for your home.


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