HU02 Digital Latchbolt

  • Upgrade Existing Latchbolt in Minutes
  • Motorized Latchbolt
  • 20 Sets of User Codes 
  • Fake Pin
  • Durable Build
  • Auto Lock & Unlock
  • Up to 1 Year Battery Life

Easy Installation + Durable Aluminum Build

Replace your existing latchbolt in mere minutes on standard doors from 1-38” to 1.97” thick with just a simple screwdriver. This motorized deadbolt lock is crafted from durable aluminum and offers a high-end texture and aesthetic appeal.

1-Year Battery Life + Minimal Upkeep

Low energy consumption and maximum performance is key for this digital lock. Experience 1-year battery life for minimal upkeep and extended security.

Auto Lock + Easy Manual Locking

Enable the Auto Lock feature to ensure that your motorized latchbolt lock secures your door even when you don’t. Or, use the long-pressing feature to easily and quickly lock your door manually.

Upgrade Existing Latchbolt + No Keys Needed

Upgrade your door lock standards with this Digital Touchpad Latchbolt Lock. Easily replaces your existing deadbolt and allows access without keys.

20 Customizable Codes + Fake Pin

The Digital Touchpad elevates security standards and stores up to 20 customizable access codes. The Fake Pin feature allows you to add a random code before or after your real pin, in order to prevent others from seeing your unique code.

Type: Touchpad Digital Lock