Hugo Knows: Parents - A Family-Friendly Smart Lock

Hugo Knows: Parents - A Family-Friendly Smart Lock

September 01, 2020

Let us introduce you to our friend, Hugo. Hugo is your smart, secure friend. He’s the personification of our smart lock solutions, the voice behind the brand, and just about the smartest guy we know.

On this episode of Hugo Knows, we’re talking parents.

Understanding home security means understanding what a parent needs to keep their family safe. It also means understanding the daily responsibilities of parents and how convenient home upgrades can bring much needed efficiency and peace of mind to their lives.

 Home Security


Manageable Smart Lock Security for the Whole Family

Kids come and go for school, music lessons, sports and all kinds of extracurricular activities. Parents have varying work schedules. Add in aunts, uncles, and grandparents and that’s a whole lot of people coming and going. 

The idea here is simple: a Hugolog smart lock gives parents the power to monitor who comes and goes, while making sure that only authorized family and friends have access.

Within the free Hugolog app, the primary account holder has the ability to create up to 20 unique user pin codes for anyone who lives at the house or needs constant access. That means the kids can have their own PIN codes. In the activity log within the app, parents can see exactly when their children used the smart lock. This provides an additional layer of peace of mind, knowing that the kids arrived home safely and securely.

The same goes for anyone else who has a PIN code. Have a trusted delivery person or a cleaning service that needs access? Create a user PIN code for them and monitor when it is used. Or, you can create one-time codes for one-off access via the smart lock touchpad.

The app gives parents the full control to monitor, create PIN codes and delete PIN codes as needed. Plus, the app lets you share access to children and family members who you trust to have one-touch locking and unlocking abilities via the app.

Check out the HU04 Smart Lock that exemplifies all the features detailed above, plus a sleek, keyless design for your front door! 

A Smart Lock that Secures… Every Time 

smart lock


Every parent has a moment here or there when they wish they had an extra set of eyes, or an extra hand, or a whole second version of themselves to get things done. We’re going to take away one of those common instances right here and right now!

Hands are full with groceries, you’re late for work sometimes, the kids are forgetful, sometimes the front door just doesn’t get locked. We get it! There are few things more unsettling than coming home to an unlocked door. Well, you can stop checking all the closets and under the bed if you forget to the lock the door because…

Our smart locks have a 30-second auto locking feature. That’s right. So, even if you forget to lock the door, or the kids leave it unlocked, after 30 seconds, our motorized deadbolt lock will kick on and lock the door for you. It’s a key feature that you can easily turn on or off in the app.

Even if you forget, leave the locking to us! We’re called a smart lock company for a reason, you know…

 Like the features so far? Check out how they all apply with the HU03 Smart Lock - our most comprehensive motorized deadbolt with a backup keyhole!

Reliable and Secure Smart Lock for Parents

Home Security Smart Lock


Oh, and did we mention that everything we just discussed uses bank-grade encryption for all data transmission? That means your account will not be hacked and that only the primary user has full control.

Many parents out there might hesitate to implement a smart lock that has the potential to be hacked or easily bypassed by brute force. That’s not what you’re getting with Hugolog. Our locks are built to last with durable aluminum housing, and work every time with grade 2 cylinders.

These are heavy-duty smart locks with the convenience of smart technology. This lets parents sleep at night knowing that the household is secured by a reliable and worthy smart lock.

This was just the first installment of Hugo Knows! Check back next time for more tips, insights, and news on how smart locks can make a difference for you!

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