All the Smart Locks - One Convenient App

All the Smart Locks - One Convenient App

September 11, 2020

At Hugolog, we simply don’t like the idea of limits. In fact, our whole basis of research and development is centered around creating smart locks that provide all the custom settings and opportunities for scalability that any could need.

At the end of the day, it is your home and your community – we aren’t going to tell you how to create your safe space. But we can recommend how to implement our smart locks to make life easier, more efficient, and simply safer for you and your loved ones.

So, let’s address a question that has been coming across our social channels and customer feedback.

Can I use only one smart lock in the Hugolog app? 

The answer is NO!

hugo log app manage users

There is no limit within the Hugolog app. You can have all the smart locks your heart desires.

You can manage, control, and monitor the usage of multiple smart locks with just a single user account in a single app. This opens a world of possibilities!

Here are some quick tips and recommendations on what scenarios might call for multiple smart locks.

Smart Locks for Homes with Extra Entry Points

Not all homes are created equal… Okay we missed the mark with that saying, but you get the point! 

Some homes have just the front door to worry about while others have back doors, side doors garage access doors and more to consider. 

Often times, we place a premium on front door security since it’s the primary entrance. But let’s not forget all the other doors that may need an extra boost of security.

And let’s face it, no one wants to have tons of keys to keep track of on their key ring. Instead we recommend an HU03 Smart Lock for the front door. You get all the smart convenience of locking and unlocking with the app or user PIN code with the reassurance of a backup keyhole.

For the other doors, add on the HU04 Smart Lock to have quick and convenient access to all your doors in one app.

  extra structure

Smart Locks for Extra Structures

Sometimes, to get your home security right, you have to think from a burglar’s perspective. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true.

Think of the remote spots on your property that might be perfect targets for burglars. Remember, most burglars would rather get in and out with their stolen loot without ever coming in contact with another person.

That means detached storage sheds, external garages, back houses and pool houses can be prime targets for break-ins. 

For this, you’ve got a couple routes you can choose.

You can use any combination of the HU03 and HU04 smart locks in the same app as we’ve previously recommended. Definitely consider either of these smart locks for remote structures that you frequently use and need quick convenient access. 

The other route is our keyless entry solutions. These are basically our digital lock line that don’t give you smart app access. They simply use motorized deadbolt or motorized latchbolt technology along with the digital PIN pad to give you access.

These are perfect for storage sheds and garages that you may not need constant access to, so app integration doesn’t necessarily make sense. Check out the HU01 Motorized Deadbolt Lock and the HU02 Motorized Latchbolt to up your game with keyless entry solutions.

 Vacation home lock

Smart Locks for Vacation Homes and Rentals

This one is a no brainer. But also, you may have not known that Hugolog smart locks can be used on completely different, remote properties and used in the same app.

For those with vacation homes, you can forget about keeping track of the keys and worrying about the security paradise property when you’re not there. Instead, a smart lock can give you easy access with the app or PIN code and allow you to create temporary guest access codes for friends or family that may borrow the place. 

The same principle applies to rental properties. If you own rental homes, it is more cost effective and simply smarter to quip your properties with smart locks. Create new codes for tenants and delete them when they move out. No more revolving door of changing out deadbolt locks and cutting new keys.

If you’re interested in custom solutions for any multi-entrance properties or want to pick up a custom package deal for your rentals, give us a call at 626.566.7544 and our product experts can set you up!

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