5 Ways to Improve Front Door Security

5 Ways to Improve Front Door Security

August 11, 2020

Sometimes it’s good to pull back and think about the bigger picture. 

Imagine trying to appreciate a Monet from an inch away, or a Van Gogh from up close, or a Picasso from any distance… You’d be missing the point of the portrait or landscape or geometrical thing.

Now, we can’t exactly call front door security fine art, but we can say that the bigger picture is sometimes really important to think about. You probably don’t actively think about your front door and the security measures you have (or don’t have) in place.

We want to share with you 5 ways to improve your front door security!

No, you don’t need a full time doorman, bouncer or body guard. We’re talking about practical, realistic and even DIY improvements.

2020 has been a crazy enough ride for everyone. Let’s not add “burglary” or “home break-in” to the list.

Check out our quick tips for improved front door security! 

1. Improve Your Doorframe Game

First stop: a DIY improvement to your door. Now, this may seem really basic, but stick with us. This might be the easiest way to step up your front door security.

When it comes to brute force entry to your home, your door lock will only go so far in protecting you. This is even true for our smart locks. The other crucial factor is your doorframe.

Specifically, we want to look at your doorjamb and your door hinge.

Your doorjamb has a small metal plate attached to the door frame that usually includes very small screws. On average the screws are only ¾”, meaning that they don’t give your door a sturdy enough hold should they be met by force (aka someone trying to kick in your door).

For that, we suggest looking into a stronger metal plate that is both more durable and longer for a sturdier hold. Beyond that, they usually come with 3” screws to provide a deeper and more stable fastening. 

For your door hinge, you might have the same problem. These generally have screws that are ¾”, which provide less of a secure hold into the doorframe and into the door.

We’re suggesting a simple swap here, too. Change to 3” screws that will go deeper into the doorframe to even potentially hit a stud in the wall to have the best hold possible. Same goes for the opposite end of the hinge; the deeper the screws go, the more you’ve improved your front door security!


2. Double Down with a Video Doorbell

As soon as you heard front door security upgrade, your mind probably went to a video doorbell. You were right - we couldn’t ignore the facts.

A video doorbell vastly upgrades your front door security. Being able to look in on your front door and answer the door from anywhere is a modern convenience that everyone should have.

The best part is that video doorbells have become more accessible, easier to use, and give you plenty of opportunities for smart home integration. 

LaView Security’s new generation of video doorbell cameras are particularly exciting. Here’s a short list of what those guys are offering with their latest releases:

  • 2 new models – wired and fully wireless (rechargeable battery-powered)
  • Crystal clear HD 1080p
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Remote view with the free LaView app
  • Two-way audio via app
  • Integration with Hugolog Smart Locks

Okay, we’ll admit that was a little self-indulgent for us. Yes, we’re excited to partner with LaView to bring you full control of your front door. Their newest video doorbells work in the same app with our smart locks, allowing you to see who’s at the door, communicate with them, and then press a single button to unlock the door and let them in. 

If that isn’t a giant upgrade to your front door security, we don’t know what is!

Check out our exclusive smart lock bundles with LaView video doorbells to save on both products at once!

 smart lock + doorbell cameras

3. Security Signage - It's All About Illusion

Studies show that just the presence of home security can be a deterrent for burglars. Visible signs for home alarm systems, the presence of security cameras and video doorbells, or devices like smart locks on the front door can make a potential perpetrator turn the other way when casing a home.                        

In a recent poll, over 60% of convicted burglars admitted that they would simply skip a house and find another if there was any presence of security cameras or a comprehensive home alarm system. 

So, if you’re on a budget and can’t make the commitment to full security now, there’s always the illusion of security signage.

LET YE BE WARNED (sorry for the pirate talk, but we needed your attention…) we cannot fully condone going with security signage alone for your home security. We highly suggest investing in home security products. 

But for those who want a cost-conscious effort, window stickers or lawn signs advertising that your home has security can make a difference. 

Pro tip: make sure the sign looks legit. And do us a favor and use a little logic. We’ve seen doormats that say “Leave Packages in Bushes.” As much as we love the sentiment behind keeping your deliveries safe, most porch pirates can read too...

Signs should either be an extra layer of security (when you actually have devices) or a last resort when you’re being cost-conscious and saving up for the right solution.


4. Let’s Talk Smart Locks

Okay, we couldn’t resist. We are a smart lock company. We’re affordable. We’re reliable. And we’re easy to use.

What more could you ask for?

Our smart locks install in minutes, replacing old deadbolt locks, and allow you to unlock your door via our free mobile app or with a secure user pin code.

Your current deadbolt lock can’t auto lock for you. Ours can. In fact, their default settings include 30-second auto locking that will guarantee that your door is locked even if you forget on your way out. 

Check out our HU03 Smart Lock. It’s our most familiar-feeling lock that gives you all the advanced smart features plus the old-school comfort of a keyhole as a backup. 

The convenient and reliable features go on and on for upgraded front door security.

Bottom line: It’s time to start thinking about what more your door lock can do for you.


5. Security Floodlight - Illuminate the Front Door

Having the lights on around your house has always given the appearance of people being home. But, when it comes to your electricity bill, it isn’t cost effective to simply leave the porch light on.

Instead, many people turn to motion-activated security lights for around their homes. Floodlights of this nature can go in front of garages, on side yards, and even in the backyard. But one of the most effective places is above the entrance to your home.

If anyone has the intention of breaking into your home, when the motion-activated lights flash on, they’ll be caught off guard and likely head the other way. This type of bright light brings too much attention to the area and alerts the user that someone is approaching. 

LaView Security has a forthcoming thermal motion-activated floodlight for enhanced protection. The best part is they’re adding an HD camera to the unit, so when the lights flash on, the camera starts recording too. Look out for their floodlight camera coming this fall! That camera unit will work in the app with our locks, too!

That’s it for your quick tips to upgrade your front door security. Check back as we expand the list and find more ways for you to step up your home security game. Drop us your email to stay in the loop and to get our weekly newsletters and exclusive offers!

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