Unlocking the Truth - Debunking 3 Myths About Smart Locks

Unlocking the Truth - Debunking 3 Myths About Smart Locks

July 10, 2020

It’s your front door. It’s the single most important entrance/exit to your home. You want to make sure it’s safe and secure.

We get it.

In fact, it’s all we think about! We understand that there are questions, concerns, and fear of the unknown when it comes to trusting something new to lock your front door.

In phone conversations with customers, Facebook comments, and other initial feedback online, we get tons of questions. Many of these questions are sparked from preconceived notions about smart locks and their potential failings.

Well, we’re here to put the hearsay and the assumptions to rest. We’re debunking the 3 most common myths about smart locks to put your mind at ease and your safety first!


Myth 1: If I Lose My Phone, My Smart Lock Will Lock Me Out


Nope. Not true. Incorrect. False. We’ll get back to you with more ways of saying it…

But this is simply not true! A Hugolog smart lock prides itself on its multiple unlock methods. All of which are secure to you and you only.

We get it. You see advertisements from us and others, showing short video of a person unlocking their smart lock with a tap of their phone. If that’s the only thing you’re exposed to, we understand the confusion. But unlocking your smart lock with our free mobile app is just ONE way of getting in.

Our HU03 smart lock provides you 3 primary methods of unlocking: via the app, with your unique pin code on the digital touchpad, or with a key. That’s right, a KEY! Just like the old days.

Think about it this way, if you lose your key along the journey of your day and come home, what happens? That’s right, you’re locked out. With our smart locks, you have multiple options for entry, ensuring your safe arrival home. No need for “hide-a-key” solutions or a spare under the doormat. That just makes your front door vulnerable to ANYONE.

Locked out if you lose your phone? Stuck outside because you left your phone inside? Total myth! Simply not true. It’s called a smart lock for a reason. We’re smarter than that…


Myth 2: Smart Locks Are Easily Hacked


We’re entering slippery-slope territory here. Have you ever heard anyone say, “traditional front door locks are easy to pick, so we just won’t put one on our door,”?

All joking aside though, we can’t seem to figure out where this assumption comes from. From A-Z, we’ve made sure our smart locks and digital deadbolt locks are secure and personalized to you.

Certified bank-grade encryption for data transmission with our smart locks ensures that only you have access to your app profile, with full control over privacy and security settings. From there, you choose which family and trusted friends to share access with (if any).

On top of that, our smart locks can store up to 20 unique user pin codes that are programmed by you, managed by you, and can only be changed by you!

Plus, our anti-peek pin code feature allows you to enter any random numbers before or after your pin to throw off any potential onlookers as well as to reduce smudging and wear on the correct numbers.

Our smart locks are not easy to hack. It’s as simple as that. At the end of the day, we’re only adding layers of protection and security to your front door.


Myth 3: Smart Locks Are Less Durable Than Traditional Deadbolt Locks


Generally speaking, deadbolt locks are durable. Yes, that includes the traditional kind that have been on front doors for hundreds of years. But, contrary to popular belief, so are smart locks! Well, at least Hugolog smart locks.

Our smart lock housing is made of durable aluminum alloy, so despite the “sleek” and high-tech aesthetic appeal, they hold their own in durability.

If a burglar has the boldness to break your deadbolt lock with blunt force, there isn’t any protection that a traditional deadbolt would provide over our smart locks. In fact, the durable build and physical heft of our locks should put your mind at ease that you have a reliable and well-crafted lock for your home security. 

Visit our HU03 smart lock or HU04 smart lock pages to learn more about their top-tier home security features.

That’s enough myth busting for now. Look out for more blog updates along with the next session of debunking that’ll tackle myths about battery life, “spontaneous unlocking” and much more!

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